Rakuten Mobile announced on July 12 that it has successfully demonstrated data communication on a Stand Alone (SA) 5G mobile network at the Ookayama Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Image of 5G SA network in demonstration experimentIn this demonstration, with the cooperation of Tokyo Institute of Technology, a data communication test of the 5G SA network was executed on the Ookayama campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology using a terminal compatible with 5G SA, and stable operation of 5G SA was confirmed. The company’s 5G SA runs on Rakuten Communications Platform as a completely cloud-native mobile network. Introducing container technology and microservices, it functions as CNF (Cloud-Native Network Functions) end-to-end from RAN to core network. In addition, the company started introducing 5G SA functions on some commercial 5G networks on June 24th. The results obtained from this demonstration will be used to improve the quality of 5G SA networks and prepare for the deployment of commercial services. In the future, the company plans to sequentially verify the operation of functions that will be fully realized in 5G, such as network slicing and edge computing with 5G SA. With Tokyo Institute of Technology, we will promote efforts for demonstration experiments that utilize 5G networks, and promote technological development for 5G utilization.