[Photo]Topic with “abdominal muscles” and “supermodel level” … Sumiko Nishioka released at the age of 46, a one-month diet 5.6 kg reduction in beautiful abdominal muscle shotsNishioka went on a moderate exercise and a one-meal replacement diet for “CaFelice.” “I have less chances to exercise in a self-restraint life, and I can’t run a marathon as a hobby, so I started to gain weight.” As a result, we lost 5.6 kg in a month and reduced the waist by 20 cm. I was worried that my “chubby tummy” would be resolved, and “I was worried that I would continue to work hard and lose weight, and at the same time I would tend to look poor due to my age, but I feel that I am getting better and better. Every time people around me said, “It’s beautiful!”, I was happy and did my best. ” On Instagram, she showed off her six-pack abs beauty body, which is unlikely to be 46 years old. “46-year-old middle-aged. Single. Former SM queen. A one-hit wonder female entertainer seriously aimed for beauty. Result. The most beautiful in my history.” Fans were astounding, saying, “Yeah, your abs are amazing,” “You’re cracking your abs,” “Supermodel!” And “The ex-queen is amazing!”