Overall purchase ranking for the first half of 2021In both the overall sales and purchase rankings, the iPhone 8 won first place. As in 2020, the iPhone series dominated the overall sales ranking from 1st to 10th, but the 1st to 3rd places have changed from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 and the 4th to 6th places have iPhone 7 line-quinted. Geo does speculate that full-screen support without a home button ranks only on the iPhone X, and in addition to the high price range, the demand for fingerprint recognition is higher than face recognition when it is commonplace to wear a mask. .. In the overall purchase ranking, the iPhone 7/8 was ranked 1st to 6th, while the Galaxy A21 SC-42A was ranked 7th and the AQUOS sence3 basic SHV48 was ranked 8th. It is presumed that the factor was that the measures were sold at home electronics mass retailers and carrier shops. In the tablet ranking, the iPad (4th generation / Wi-Fi model) is sold first, and the iPad Air (4th generation / Wi-Fi model) is purchased first. In addition, the iPhone series monopolized the 1st to 3rd place in both sales and purchase of SIM lock-free terminals, and the top 3 used terminals purchased at the same time as cheap SIM became iPhone 8.