[Photo]I want you to be able to use Apple Pencil on your iPhone soon.

There is no point in using a stylus pen if you can’t use it immediately when you want to use it. The Galaxy Note series has an S pen stored in the main body so that you can take out the pen immediately when you want to write. The second generation Apple Pencil can be attached to the main body of Apple’s iPad with a magnet. However, since it is originally intended for charging, it does not seem to be very wearable. Samsung has been launching new products every year since launching the Galaxy Note (first model) in 2011. Pen input to smartphones is an excellent solution in terms of switching from paper notepads to digital devices. Before the introduction of the Galaxy Note, a stylus pen with a rubber tip was used on smartphones, but I was not good at writing fine details. The Galaxy Note series uses Wacom’s stylus pen to achieve “no charging required” and “fine writing support”. Not many users need a pen, but there is always a certain number. The stylus pen is suitable for creators such as illustrators, editors, or business people who often take notes. With the Galaxy Note series having been on the market for over 10 years, pen demand will continue to grow. However, if you want to build a pen in your smartphone, you have to make the pen thinner. However, there is almost no empty space inside the smartphone due to the battery and the larger camera module. It seems that the reason why smartphones with a built-in pen do not come out easily is due to problems around here. But Samsung solved the storage problem with the case, even though the pen couldn’t be stored in the Galaxy S21 Ultra itself. By developing a new S pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and providing a genuine pen storage case, you can carry the pen with the main unit. In order to be able to use the pen, the display of the Galaxy S21 Ultra must also be compatible with the stylus pen, but it should not have been difficult because the same display technology as the Galaxy Note series can be used. By using the case to use the S pen, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you don’t have to store the S pen in the main body, so you can increase the size. The S pen of the Galaxy Note series is quite thin, and the reality is that it is not as comfortable as a real pen. However, the S pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one size thicker and more comfortable to grip. Entering long sentences with a pen will not be a pain. On the other hand, the width of the main body becomes a little wider because the S pen is stored next to the case. Well, this area may be acceptable to those who use a lot of pens. By the way, the width of Galaxy S21 Ultra is 75.6mm, and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 78.1mm. Even if you attach the S pen storage case to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it will not be significantly larger than the width of the case attached to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. By the way, there are many people who want to use the stylus pen on the iPhone as well. Since Apple Pencil can be used on the iPad, it should be convenient if you can write characters and pictures on the iPhone screen while keeping the feeling of use. Does Apple support Apple Pencil only on the iPad because it needs a wide screen to use a pen? The Apple Pencil first appeared in 2015. The iPhone released at that time was the “iPhone 6 Plus” with a 5.5-inch display even in a large size, and it may have been too small to use a pen at this size. But the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7 inches. The height of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 160.8mm, and the length of the second generation Apple Pencil is 166mm. If you make it a little shorter, it will be shorter than the height of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and you can always carry your Apple Pencil with you if you have an “Apple Pencil Storage iPhone Case” like for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Since there are fewer third-party cases for the Galaxy than the iPhone, only one or two third-party cases that can hold an S pen are still on the market. However, if the shorter size of the Apple Pencil comes out and the next iPhone supports Apple Pencil input, various storage cases will come from third parties. You should see an Apple Pencil storage case that is easy to carry and has a good design. With the evolution of smartphones, it is almost impossible to expect new functions to be installed. Apple Pencil’s iPhone support, which can also be used by creators for professional use, may soon be required for the next new iPhone function.