[All photos]From the first day of the performance while being hit by the rain to the last day of praising each other … Looking back on the photos “W-KEYAKI FES. 2021” (32 photos in total)

Although it was raining early on the first day, Sakurazaka46 performed overwhelmingly regardless of the weather. The seamless development, such as inserting a dance track between songs, attracts viewers. In addition, Rika Ozeki, who had been resting since spring, returned to the concert on that day and delivered a cheerful smile to the audience. From the latter half of the live, Nogiri also sided with the stage production, and the group’s first solo performance was completed with great success with a fantastic world view and cool and passionate dance. The second day was blessed with fine weather, unlike the first day. Under the shining sun and the ever-expanding blue sky, Hinatazaka46 has released a number of hit songs and numbers from the latest single “Kimishikakatan” including seasonal songs. At the Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest, which was a great stage for the girls who call their fans “Ohisama,” they continued to fascinate the viewers with their happy aura full-blown performance using trucks and the like. The final day, the third day, is the first joint live performance of Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46. Fortunately, the live performance on this day, which was held on a sunny day for two consecutive days, first brought together the members of both groups on the stage at the opening to talk about their enthusiasm for the live performance. Members wearing costumes with cherry blossoms and sky blue, which are the group colors of each group, said, “I was hoping that we could do it together someday, but it will be realized so quickly” (Kumi Sasaki), “The best memories of this summer. “Let’s be” (Rina Inoue). On this day, the live will proceed with Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46 performing songs alternately. First of all, Sakurazaka46 will start the live from “That’s love” and show the strength of the three-team system. In this song, the venue is soaked with water shots as early as possible. In “Why didn’t you fall in love?”, A performance using threads just like a music video was prepared, and from the beginning, Sakurazaka46’s fan “Buddies” and Ohisama were enthusiastic. The following Hinatazaka46 is “Doremisorashido”, and the team has a strong sense of unity. In this “W-KEYAKI FES.2021”, Nao Kosaka is resting, so Akari Nibu, Mei Higashimura, Miku Kanemura, Miho Watanabe & Hinano Kamimura will be in charge of the acting center, and will do their best to perform. Buddies attracted Ohisama. MC is also available when each group is converted. Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46 celebrated her 20th birthday the day before, saying, “The first day is the last live of teens, today is the first live of 20s. I wish I could show you adult Morita today.” And congratulate her on her birthday as the venue becomes one. Also, in the Hinatazaka46 part, the venue will be divided into two sides to create a big wave to enhance the sense of unity of the venue. In addition, various episodes were revealed while touching on the interaction between the two groups that became intimate on this occasion. After that, the live performance continued on a stage that strongly emphasized the individuality of both groups. By effectively using the center stage, the substages installed on both sides of the venue, and the Hanamichi that connects them, spectacular productions such as water shots, fountains, and flames were prepared depending on the song. By the time Sakurazaka46 shows “accidental answer”, the setting sun begins to shine in the sky, further strengthening the sadness of the song. On the other hand, Hinatazaka46 heats up the heat in the hall at once with a passionate performance with “Seishun no Uma”. The following Sakurazaka46 created a peaceful atmosphere with “not lonely than I expected”, and the atmosphere of the place changed completely every time the group changed, and continued to present the strong individuality of each. At “JOYFUL LOVE” performed by Hinatazaka46 when the venue began to darken, Buddies and Ohisama worked together to dye the venue with a rainbow-colored penlight, followed by “Kimi Shika Katan” at the center, Shiho Kato. Fill the venue with a happy aura. As the concert approaches the end, Yuka Sugai and Kumi Sasaki, the captains of both groups, will act as MCs. The two, who changed into new costumes, share their impressions of seeing the solo performances on the first and second days. Sasaki said, “Sakurazaka46 is beautiful and divine,” and Sugai said, “My favorite song at Hinatazaka46 is” Seishun no Uma. ” Someday we also want a song with “horse” (in the title), “he said. The live finally rushed to the climax. When Sakurazaka46 changed the atmosphere of the place with a cool and powerful performance with “Nobody’s fault”, the following Hinatazaka46 fueled the uplifting feeling of the audience with a danceable “fox”. In addition, when Sakurazaka46 unites the hearts of Buddies & Ohisama with “Buddies”, Hinatazaka46 will further strengthen the sense of unity with “NO WAR in the future 2020”. Furthermore, Sakurazaka46 dyed the entire venue with a red penlight with “BAN”, and this time Hinatazaka46 reached the climax of the heat of the venue with “Jump higher than anyone! 2020”, and each other’s performance The synergistic effect has reached the best moment. At the end, the captains of both groups gave a greeting. Yuka Sugai said, “We renamed each other, but the roots are the same,” and Kumi Sasaki said, “We want to continue aiming for each other’s heights.” .. The venue was surrounded by the peaceful air emitted by the two groups, and the three-day “W-KEYAKI FES.2021” ended with great success with a magnificent fireworks display. Due to the influence of Corona, it may not be possible to enjoy live performances in the same way as before, but even so, “W-KEYAKI FES.2021” satisfied a large number of Buddies and Ohisama in the best possible way. Hopefully, it will continue as a summer tradition. Sentence: Tomoichi Nishihiro “W-KEYAKI FES.2021” July 11 (3rd day) Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest[Set List]-OPENING-01. That’s love (Sakurazaka46) ) 02. Why didn’t you fall in love? (Sakurazaka46) 03. Doremisorashido (Hinatazaka46) 04. Sonnakotonaiyo (Hinatazaka46) 05. You, me and laundry (Sakurazaka46) 06. Plastic regret (Sakurazaka46) 07. Kyun (Sun) Kousaka46) 08. Azato Kawaii (Hinatazaka46) 09. Accidental answer (Sakurazaka46) 10. Half-confidence (Sakurazaka46) 11. Crushed by a huge dream (Hinatazaka46) 12. Youth horse (Hinatazaka46) 13. Blue Moon Kiss (Sakurazaka46) 14. I’m not lonely than I expected (Sakurazaka46) 15. JOYFUL LOVE (Hinatazaka46) 16. You only won (Hinatazaka46) 17. Nobody’s fault (Sakurazaka46) 18. Fox (Hinatazaka46) 19. Buddies (Sakurazaka46) 20. NO WAR in the future 2020 (Hinatazaka46) 21. BAN (Sakurazaka46) 22. Jump higher than anyone else ? 2020 (Hinatazaka46) 23. W-KEYAKIZAKA’s poem