[Photo]See a larger photoHe added, “Under such circumstances, discussions between the two governments cannot be continued,” and called on the Japanese government to respond cautiously. An official of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a statement to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reporters on the 11th, clarifying its position on the trend of Japanese media coverage. An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea said, “Recently, the two countries have been closely discussing the idea of ​​using the Tokyo Olympics as a trigger for resolving the issues between the two countries through the diplomatic channel.” It is a fact that we also considered the possibility of holding a Japan-Korea summit meeting on the premise that it will have a formal style. ” He continued, “However, I strongly regret that the content of the discussions between the diplomatic authorities of both countries has recently been unilaterally leaked to the media from the standpoint and perspective of Japan, citing Japanese government officials. “In such a situation, discussions between the two governments cannot be continued, and the Japanese side should respond cautiously.” However, “The South Korean government has been making efforts to improve bilateral relations under the two-track tone of separately addressing historical issues related to Japan-Korea relations and future-oriented cooperation,” he said. “The South Korean government has made efforts to improve bilateral relations.” Has consistently maintained its position to withdraw the export control measures taken in July 2019 and to hold discussions through dialogue between Japan and South Korea diplomatic authorities related to historical issues. ” Adhered to.