[Image]Sakurazaka46 (Photo: Yosuke Ueyama) (31 others)

The day when Sakurazaka46, which was renamed from the familiar Keyakizaka46 and renewed the color as a group, and Keyakizaka46, an undergroup of Keyakizaka46, were born and started to move as an independent group in February 2019. Kousaka46. The two groups branching from the same zelkova continue to work hard as a group with different originalities. In “W-KEYAKI FES.2021”, Sakurazaka46 will perform solo live on the first day, Hinatazaka46 will perform on the second day, and two groups will join on the third day. Buddies (the name of Sakurazaka46 fans) and Ohisama (the name of Hinatazaka46 fans) who gathered at the venue were entertained with the style of performing two songs alternately. In “W-KEYAKI FES.2021”, Rika Ozeki of Sakurazaka46 and Mirei Sasaki of Hinatazaka46, who had been inactive for a while due to poor physical condition, have returned. He showed a healthy appearance on the stage. The conifer forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji was blessed with fine weather while thunderstorms were roaring extensively in the Kanto region, and the open live space was peeking through the summer clouds. The announcement by the captains of both groups, Yuka Sugai of Sakurazaka46 and Kumi Sasaki of Hinatazaka46, suggested “the possibility of getting wet with a lot of water”, and the two of them “will make the best live together!” The live started with a shout. When the members of both groups lined up in a row on the main stage on the brave SE, strong sprays were emitted from the water cannons installed on the left and right sides of the stage. Instead of cheering, the audience struck two colored stick balloons, white and sky blue, and enthusiastically welcomed the two groups. Talking about their enthusiasm for the concert, the first turn was Sakurazaka46. The joint live was cut off at “That’s love, isn’t it?” Centered by Ten Yamazaki, who shouted “Buchikamasu!” The spray of water cannon will add to the performance of Sakurazaka46 from the first song. In “Why didn’t you fall in love?” With Karin Fujiyoshi at the center, the impactful formation dance that tied Fujiyoshi with a thread caught the eyes of the audience and live viewers. At the MC, the members and the audience celebrated Hikaru Morita, who turned 20 on July 10th the day before. Morita announced that he would show himself differently, saying, “The first day is the last of my teens, and today is my first live at the age of 20. Today is an adult Morita.” Yui Kobayashi foretells the first song of Hinatazaka46, which will appear next, by imitating the unique choreography of a certain song, “It’s my favorite song. I’ll dance the moment it’s played.” As expectations grew, Hinatazaka46, who appeared in a V-shaped formation on the stairs behind the stage, started the live with “Doremisorashido” as Kobayashi announced, and moved to the center stage along the flower road. In addition, he released a single title song “Sonnakotonaiyo”. The two groups held a joint send-off party the day before and deepened exchanges beyond the boundaries of the group. The members of Hinatazaka46 happily talk about the situation behind the scenes with Sakurazaka46, and connect the pass to Sakurazaka46’s next performance. Sakurazaka46, who appeared on the sub-stage on the right side of the T-shaped flower path, showed off “Kimi to Boku to Laundry” centered on 20-year-old Morita. I skipped the Hanamichi lightly with a refreshing sound, moved to the center stage, and sang “Plastic regret” while the fountain was rising. In the meantime, Hinatazaka46, who moved to the substages on both the left and right sides, demanded the audience to wave using stick balloons. A masterpiece of waves was unfolded in the wide conifer forest, and the members of Hinatazaka46 were very excited. With high tension, he spread out to the T-shaped flower path and the turrets on the left and right of the main stage, sang the 1st single title song “Kyun”, and connected it to the pop “Azato Kawaii” to excite the venue. Yui Takemoto of Sakurazaka46 named Yasuno Tamura, saying, “We also have” Azato Kawaii “members,” and demanded “Azato Kawaii A word.” Tamura is confused but whispers, “I like it,” and makes the fans faint in agony. Takemoto asked his senior Yui Kobayashi for “Azato Kawaii”, saying “Not only the 2nd gen member but also Yuipon-san”, and Kobayashi, who is cool, hates “Remember …” and says “Kyun”, “Cute”. Was shown. After that, from Fujiyoshi’s words, “This song has become a really important song for me,” Sakurazaka46 performed “Accidental Answer,” centered on Fujiyoshi. Express the world view of lyrics with dramatic and delicate dance. In the following “Half-Shin Half-Suspicion”, he fascinated the audience with his cool expression and brave dance. Conifer Forest is a familiar venue for the live series “Keyaki Republic” of Keyakizaka46, but this is the first time for the four third-year students of Hinatazaka46, who have been entrusted with the MC, to experience the live at Conifer Forest. Mari Morimoto, who had only experienced the indoor stage so far, was delighted with the open outdoor live, saying “100 times more fun than usual”. Haruyo Yamaguchi was impressed by Sakurazaka46’s live performance on the first day, and immediately downloaded all the songs. Hinano Kamimura was also pleased to see Sakurazaka46’s Hikari Endo, who had been auditioned with him for the first time in two years. The six new 2nd gen members of Sakurazaka46, who also had their first experience with Conifer Forest, were very excited about the huge outdoor stage and venue, and Rei Ozono said, “Did you see a big rainbow in the water cannon? “?”, He told with high tension that a rainbow was generated from the spray of water cannon. The following performance of Hinatazaka46 is a single coupling number 2 songs, “Crushed by a huge dream” centered by Shiho Kato and “Seishun no Uma” by Miku Kanemura Center. Hinatazaka46, who has been performing live mainly on single title songs so far, appealed a rich variation for Buddies. When I noticed, the inside of the hall was dyed red by the sunset, and Kato was fascinated by saying, “In such a beautiful sunset …”. Ushio Sarina also muttered with deep emotion, saying, “I’ve already made summer memories.” Sakurazaka46, who appeared in turn on the main stage, performed “Blue Moon Kiss” with the image of the blue moon in the background. Yamazaki decided on a cool rap for “I’m not lonely than I expected.” Fuyuka Saito said, “The next song, I’ll tell you earlier, it’s’JOYFUL LOVE’. Do you know that the venue will shine in rainbow colors with this song, Buddies?” Touch the production of Ohisama, which is customary in singing “JOYFUL LOVE”. When Hinatazaka46 started singing “JOYFUL LOVE”, a big rainbow using seven-colored penlights appeared in the audience. Even in the delivered video, a spectacular sight is projected in the distant view. Hinatazaka46 further connected to the latest single title song “Kimishikakatan” and filled the venue with a happy mood. Captains Sugai and Sasaki praised their performances and finally went to the last spurt. Sakurazaka46, who had been attacking only with single coupling songs so far, dropped the single title song “Nobody’s fault” which marked the first step after the name change. Sakurazaka46, who changed into a cool white suit-style outfit, performed while the pillar of fire was rising. Center Morita decides a fierce shout and jump. On the other hand, when Hinatazaka46 responds with the upper dance tune “Fox”, Sakurazaka46 sings “Buddies” without a break. Water vapor, smoke and countless lights created a beautiful sight while the hall was completely dyed in the dusk. Yamazaki of the center said, “Thank you to everyone at Buddies and Ohisama for showing us such a beautiful view. Will you continue to run through the slopes together? Will you arrive? I love things! ” Hinatazaka46 “NO WAR in the future 2020″‘s fierce four-on-the-floor kick inevitably raises the heat of the venue, and the members sing openly. When Sakurazaka46 shows a powerful formation dance with the latest single title song “BAN”, the audience seats are dyed red with a penlight. The last block of the angry waves ended with “Jump higher than anyone! 2020” that Hinatazaka46 has been singing since the “Hiragana Keyaki” era, and the members made a fuss about running around the flower road and jumping out into the aisle with a truck. At the end, two groups gathered and sang “W-KEYAKIZAKA’s poem”, which was made as a joint song of Keyakizaka46 and Keyakizaka46. The hall was dyed with a green penlight, which is the image color of Sakurazaka46. Sugai commented, “As a group born from the same Sakurazaka46, we will build good relationships and enhance each other.” Sasaki also vowed the friendship of the two groups, saying, “I will do my best to gather here again.” This is the end of the two sets of collaboration stages that lasted about three hours. When Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46 gave their final greetings, big fireworks were launched in the sky. ■ W-KEYAKI FES.2021 July 11, 2021 Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest Set List 01. That’s love / Sakurazaka46 02. Why didn’t you fall in love? / Sakurazaka46 03. Doremi Soraside / Hinatazaka46 04. Sonnakotonaiyo / Hinatazaka46 05. Kimi to Boku to Laundry / Sakurazaka46 06. Plastic regret / Sakurazaka46 07. Kyun / Hinatazaka46 08. Azato Cute / Hinatazaka46 09. Accidental answer / Sakurazaka46 10. Half-confidence / Sakurazaka46 11. Crushed by a huge dream / Hinatazaka46 12. Youth horse / Hinatazaka46 13. Blue moon kiss / Sakurazaka46 14. I’m not lonely than I expected / Sakurazaka46 15. JOYFUL LOVE / Hinatazaka46 16. You only won / Hinatazaka46 17. Nobody’s fault / Sakurazaka46 18. Fox / Hinatazaka46 19. Buddies / Sakurazaka46 20. NO WAR in the future 2020 / Hinatazaka46 21. BAN / Sakurazaka46 22. Jump higher than anyone else! 2020 / Hinatazaka46 23. W-KEYAKIZAKA’s poem / Sakurazaka46, Hinatazaka46