Yu Hatanaka “The two of us said we would definitely win next year.”Oswald advanced to the finals of the “ABC Owarai Grand Prix” for the second consecutive year, and was runner-up last year. Yu Hatanaka said, “We were both saying that we would definitely win next year, so I’m glad that it became a reality.” Shunsuke Ito said, “The only tournament of the same generation that I usually go to live with is the ABC laughing grand prix, so I’m deeply moved. I remembered a lot of things. The air stairs and cotton are from Tokyo NSC. It’s the same period, so it was a strange feeling or a pleasure to be fighting together in the final of the award race 10 years later. ” When asked by a reporter if he would give a present to his sister, Sari, about how to use the prize money of 1 million yen, Ito said, “I can buy all of him myself. There was a hand soap that came out automatically when I held my hand over it. I think this guy is no longer what I want. I think I’ve bought it out. I hope my mothers and everyone at my parents’ house can eat delicious food. ” “At that time, without Sari’s support, it would have been difficult. I think I’ve returned to my older brother a little compared to those days,” he recalled. On the other hand, Hatanaka smiled, “I want to buy a Hiace for 500,000 yen. I want to ride it and go to the theater in Makuhari together.” Then, Ito said, “The smoking area of ​​the ∞ dome is gone because the entertainer gets dirty. If I report to the manager if I can make a new smoking area for 500,000 yen, it will cost about 300,000 yen to install it. I’m not talking about it, so I’m really thinking about how to use the prize money. To be honest, I thought I would go drinking with a single blow if it wasn’t like this, but I wouldn’t believe it. “Una (laughs)”, ending with a smile. The final battle was fought by three groups, Kabe Poster (Yoshimoto Kogyo) and Gakutei (Yoshimoto Kogyo). In the final, G Panda (Watanabe Entertainment), Surarai Rabbie (Ota Production), Sayaka (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Pumpkin Potato Fly (HoriPro Com), Double Higashi (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Cotton (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Cherry Daisakusen (Yoshimoto) Kogyo), Aka Momiji (Maseki Performing Arts Co., Ltd.), and Kuki Kaidan (Yoshimoto Kogyo) participated.