[Photo]See a larger photoJapan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on the 11th that President Moon and Prime Minister Suga have begun work to coordinate the proposal to hold a summit meeting at the Tokyo Olympics. According to this report, the Japanese side has expressed its intention to accept the request for the summit meeting of the South Korean side. In addition, Japan and South Korea will discuss the schedule of talks between Minister of Foreign Affairs Chung Eui-yong and Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi. After the summit meeting, even working-level dialogue was taken into consideration. The Korean presidential office is in the position that “it is not a decision yet.” Above all, considering that the first meeting between the leaders of Japan and South Korea was not officially announced through the Japanese government but was continuously taken up as media coverage, it is possible that no agreement has been reached at the level of the two governments. Is high. It means that the psychological warfare is still going on. On this day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea said, “It is a strong regret that the contents of the discussions between the diplomatic authorities of both countries have recently been unilaterally leaked to the media from the standpoint and perspective of Japan, citing Japanese government officials. I express my intention. ” He also suggested the possibility of withdrawing the talks, saying, “In such a situation, it is difficult to continue the talks between the two governments, and we request the Japanese side to respond carefully.” From the form of the summit meeting, it became clear that the interests of the two countries are in conflict. The South Korean government wants a talk of about an hour, but the Japanese government is trying to counter it by holding a short talk of about 15 minutes. Kyodo News reported that “(the time that Prime Minister Suga meets with the main figures in each country) may be about 15 minutes per person in principle,” according to a source from the Prime Minister’s Office. On the 9th, the Blue House (Chonwade, South Korea’s presidential office) was concerned about whether to come up with an agreement between the two parties, saying, “If the outcome of the Japan-Korea summit is foreseen, we can consider it.” If we attend a short meeting as proposed by Japan, we can only show the symbolic message of the first meeting between the leaders of Japan and South Korea, and it may be difficult to actually discuss a concrete negotiation plan regarding the conflict between the two countries. high. “While the Japanese side is in the position of a ceremonial meeting, the South Korean side is demanding a full-scale meeting to discuss the issues of both countries,” the newsletter said. “The adjustment is expected to continue until just before.” This is the reason why even if the summit meeting is realized, the results are not expected to be great. Japan is demanding that the South Korean government provide a solution to the forced recruitment during the colonial era and the Supreme Court’s ruling on the comfort women victims. It is an observation that it is difficult to come up with a solution to the long-standing conflict in the situation where there are disagreements in the talks themselves.