[Photo]Episode 2 of “TOKYO MER-Running Emergency Lifesaving Room-“

“MER” (Mobile Emergency Room) is a large vehicle (ER car) equipped with the latest medical equipment and operation room. It rushes to the scene of a serious accident, disaster, or incident that is extremely dangerous, and quickly saves the injured. A professional team of life-saving emergency departments. This work will be a drama of doctors and nurses gathered at “TOKYO MER”, which was newly established under the command of the governor of Tokyo. Mr. Suzuki to Kota Kitami, the chief doctor of TOKYO MER and a life-saving emergency doctor. Kento Kaku to Nao Otoha, a medical technician who has been instructed to crush TOKYO MER secretly. Ayami Nakajo to Tsurumaki Hina, a trainee who opposes Kitami’s method. Nanao to Kuramae Natsume, a nurse with a wealth of knowledge and experience in life-saving emergency. Jun Kaname to Mikio Senju of the Hyper Rescue Team who collides with Kitami. Yuriko Ishida to Azusa Akatsuka, Governor of Tokyo, who appointed Kitami as chief. Makiko Watanabe to Mariko Shirokane, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, aiming to dismantle TOKYO MER. Riisa Naka to Chiaki Takanawa who was Hina’s instructor and Kitami’s ex-wife. Hayato Sano, Shinya Kote, Phongchi as members of TOKYO MER. In addition, Kanta Sato and Shingo Tsurumi will also appear. * The following expressions include spoilers. Please be careful. In episode 2, a steel frame fall accident occurs at the construction site, and Hina’s misjudgment puts the patient at risk of life. Hina regrets having escaped from making her own judgment, but Hina’s case becomes news and she is sent to support. After that, an explosion accident occurred at the summer festival, and Hina was supposed to be involved in support, but another accident occurred at the site. Kitami is entrusted with a serious operation by himself. Hina trembles in fear, but Kitami tells her that “there is no one who can save that person other than you,” and decides to “prepare” to operate herself. Hina succeeded in the operation, but in reality, Kitami would have killed the patient unless she was replaced on the way. He told Kitami about it and said, “I can’t do MER.” He said that he was helped because Hina stopped bleeding in the mesentery earlier. “I’m glad that Dr. Hina was there. Thank you.” Kitami who sends the words of. In this line of Kitami played by Mr. Suzuki, “Ryohei Suzuki’s” Thank you “is heavy” “I will cry if you are encouraged like that” “I’m glad you were there, I’m definitely too happy A flood of voices such as “crying”. On the other hand, Otoha pays attention to the fact that Kitami’s career has a blank year, finds out that Chiaki is a former wife, and tries to find out about Kitami’s past … Of course Chiaki does not answer, but Kitami’s “blank 1” About “Year” On SNS, “Kitami Sense, I’m sure I was drawing a manga for a blank year” “I was a cartoonist for a blank year” “I was doing a perverted mask for a blank year Sora divorce Tweets that refer to Mr. Suzuki’s past appearances such as “Dawa” are posted one after another, and the timeline is in the “Daikiri” state.