[See the photo]Fumi Nikaido and Dr. Hayashi gave a lot of “Please invest!”

■ Reasons for choosing pantsuits in the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” Nikaido began full-scale entertainment activities from the end of the sixth grade of elementary school. Appeared in popular works such as the taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori” (2012), “Gunshi Kanbei” (2014), “Segodon” (2018), and the serial TV novel “Ale” (2020, NHK General TV, etc.) I’ve been doing it. And at the end of 2020, he was selected as the host of the Red Group at the “NHK Red and White Song Battle”. On the day of the broadcast, Nikaido’s simple pantsuit was also a hot topic. When Mr. Hayashi asked, “The former MC of the Red Group has a strong impression of dresses, but (pants suits) are your own choices?”, “Yes. Women have to wear dresses, that kind of thing. That’s not the case. At that time, I thought it would be best to wear clothes that would give me the most confidence, “he said. Actually, at that time, I also wore a ring with the inscription “Anti-racism”. “From now on, I hope it will become commonplace for everyone to be different, not because they are women or because they are men.” ■ “I think it’s more interesting to play the role of a man.” Momomi Dannoura, the young boy who played in the movie “Fly Me To The Saitama,” is the first “male role.” Nikaido won the “43rd Japan Academy Award” Outstanding Leading Actress Award for this work. In the original comic by Mineo Maya, Momomi is depicted as a boy, a man. However, at the time of the offer, Momomi had been changed to a female role. When asked by Dr. Hayashi, Nikaido said, “That’s right. I was reading the original story, so when I told him that it would be more interesting to play the role of a man, then I said,’Let’s play the role of a man.'” Explained how he decided to play Momomi as a man. “I thought it would be better to be fully immersed in the world, rather than halfway through,” he recalled. From the attitude toward Nikaido’s work, we can see respect for the original work everywhere. The leading drama “Promise Cinderella” (TBS series), which started on July 13 (Tuesday), is also based on the manga by Oreko Tachibana. Regarding the role making, he replied, “(The main character) had clean short hair, so I consulted with Hair Make … I entered from the hairstyle.” “I hope I can convey the world view of the original in a drama more attractively.” ■ Kento Nakajima “I’m the actress I want to co-star most” The work that became the turning point in the actor’s life was the taiga drama “Segodon”. Nikaido played Aigana, the second wife of the main character, Saigo Takamori (Ryohei Suzuki). “There was a time when I was able to do it even if I didn’t want to calculate, like,’I think it’s better to look here if there is a camera here.’ I felt that it was very dangerous to be able to shed tears even if there was no camera in it, so I want to play more honestly (in “Segodon”), and I have to take care of the character’s life. I learned that. ” I often keep in touch with actress Kasumi Arimura even in private. He described Arimura as “a very refreshing and cool woman,” and said, “I’m talking about things I’ve read recently, what’s happening at the site recently, and delicious things.” I asked. When asked “what I want to challenge in the future,” he said, “When I talk to the people who make movies and dramas, I have various thoughts and thoughts, and I make a lot of efforts to make the work. I want to learn once. ” When Professor Hayashi sent an ale saying, “I feel like it’s going to happen,” Nikaido immediately responded with a lot of energy, saying, “Please invest,” just like a producer. Kento Nakajima, who was watching in the studio, seems to be impressed by the interview with Nikaido. “Nikaido-san is younger than me, but I call him” Fumi Paisen. “The words and ideas are adults, and he always has a sex appeal … I want to co-star most in dramas and movies right now. I’m an actress, “he confessed, surprised the studio members.