[See all images]Scotland’s “ghostly” lakeside village is on sale

The village is said to have a female ghost known for making mysterious prophecies. The property includes private beaches, lake fishing rights and primeval forests. The ruins of a haunted old village in Scotland are on sale for just £ 125,000. The Old Village of Lawers is located on the shores of Loch Tay in Perthshire. According to the Goldcrest Land and Property Group, which handles real estate such as forests and farmlands, the site covers 1.3 hectares and includes fishing rights on private beaches, primeval forests and lakes. The old village has 17th-century ruins, including the home of the “Lady of the Lowers.” It is said that this woman still appears as a ghost in this village. “The Lady of the Lowers” is known for making prophecies, “the prophecies are good and some are still true,” Goldcrest partner Jon Lambert told Insider. According to Goldcrest, she said the village church would be damaged by a thunderstorm and even predicted a “smoke-powered ship” long before the steamship was built. “This is a very special place. Every property is unique, but this one will be more unique than the others,” Lambert told Insider, adding that its location is also a selling point. .. “Perthshire is one of Scotland’s most fascinating counties. Loch Tay is one of the finest places in the world, and if the weather is nice, it’s truly world-class.” According to the 1841 census, Lawers Was reported to live in only 17 people. After that, in 1891 there were seven people, and in 1926 it was completely abandoned. “In Corona, more and more people are reluctant to fly far, and I think places like this will become more and more valuable. In fact, this little paradise is getting a lot of attention,” says Lambert. .. “When we released this property on June 25, we were flooded with inquiries.”[Original: A’haunted’ village in Scotland is on sale for $ 173,000 ─ and it comes with a private beach and 17th-century ruins]( Translated by: Fumiko Nakata, Edited by: Toshihiko Inoue)