Black Widow throws himself into a fierce battle this time as well

At the time of its release, Natasha Romanov, also known as Black Widow, made a shocking choice for her friends in “Avengers: Endgame” (19), which broke the world box office record. “Black Widow” goes back to the girlhood of Natasha, a lonely assassin, and reveals her past as the strongest spy and her relationship with the “fake family.” Yonekura is pleased to say, “I was happy to see her again,” regarding this film, which became Black Widow’s first single-starring movie. “I’ve been the voice of Black Widow since 2012, but as the number of heroes increases, so does the time left to her. Only this time is the story of Black Widow itself. Therefore, there was a lot of pressure to be able to convey her feelings in Japanese, but it was a very heartfelt story, so it was a pleasant performance for me. ” In this film, Natasha’s younger sister and assassin Elena (Florence Pugh), mother Melina (Rachel Weisz), father Alexei-Red Guardian (David Harbor) and a family of three appear. In particular, Natasha’s new charm can be glimpsed from the powerful fighting scene and light interaction with Elena, who has a fighting ability comparable to Natasha. “This time, there will be a scene of a family group, and the scene of interaction is also interesting. In that sense, I was able to enjoy the most role of all the works I have done so far. I can’t say so strongly from my mouth. However, it took me more than half a year to do vocal pedagogy, and the range was expanded a little, and I hope I can evolve more than before. ” How does Yonekura see Black Widow’s position in The Avengers? “In the case of her, I’ve thought several times that I might stick to this person. For example, I wondered if it was Captain America, Hulk, or Hawkeye, but now I think,” I wonder if that’s the case. ”For Black Widow, romance can be said to be a kind of annoyance. With few female characters, she has the image of being a mother or a palliative. She was a normal person, not a superhuman, and now I think she’s a human being. ” If you follow in the footsteps of the past, you’ll see why she chose to join the Avengers and fight with them, and the heat comes up. What kind of feeling did Yonekura himself receive? “I went to’Endgame’in the flow from’Infinity War’and Black Widow made that choice, but I think the last word left in this movie is connected to that. It was so exciting, so I would like you to watch this work and also review “Infinity War” and “Endgame”. I’m sure you will want to watch it. ” ■ “I don’t think there is an end to my efforts.” Speaking of 2012, when Yonekura first participated in this series as a voice actor, Yonekura’s starring drama “Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-” started, and as a stage actress. It was the year when he also appeared in the starring stage “CHICAGO” (the first year was 2008), which made a leap forward. “It’s true that the year was a year in which all three were done, and those three works have been going on for a long time, so it’s an important treasure for me.” However, I have found it difficult to work as a voice actor. “It’s quite difficult to express breathing, pain, sad feelings, happy facial expressions, etc. with just your voice,” says Yonekura, who reveals his distress when he first tried dubbing. “First of all, I don’t even know how to make a voice. I have patulous eustachian tube, so maybe I get tinnitus. Now I have found a solution, but at first It was really painful. I had a strong desire to run away because I didn’t understand, even though I was instructed by people who couldn’t see, “If possible, it’s cool” and “I can’t convey my feelings with this.” Confess that. Michiko Daimon is known for her deciding line, “I won’t fail,” but Yonekura himself seems to have made steady efforts to “only practice.” “I thought I’d do it until I was satisfied. I think I’ve never finished my efforts, so I feel like I’ve been trying to the limit. I don’t know if that gave me confidence, but I don’t regret it myself. “. Yonekura established his own private office on April 3, 2020, and on April 7, immediately after departure, an emergency declaration was declared in seven prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka. It was issued. “It was just a corona wreck, so as the shops closed more and more, it took about three days to find and decide on a property to set up an office, and it took two to three months to put in furniture from there. However, at that time, I didn’t feel like I was hitting a wall, and this was also an experience, and I felt like I was trying little by little. ” What is the driving force of Yonekura who always tries to keep trying? “I don’t think I’m basically looking for stability. I like giving myself some challenges rather than looking at trends.” Yonekura says, “I have only problems now,” but his expression is not cloudy. “There are so many things I have to do. For example, I had to leave the details such as photo check to the office, but I have to grasp everything. But I decided it all myself. It’s a thing, so I’ll continue, but my heart feels like it’s been a rush. ” As a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie, it was the first movie released in two years since “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (19), and it became the top batter of Phase 4 “Black”.・ Widow ”. I am thrilled to see Yonekura’s future development, which can be said to have entered Phase 2 independently as an actress.Interview / text / Nobuko Yamazaki