[Image]The back of the label I don’t know what you’re talking about

When you include the exhilaration of ruthless malt in your mouth, this is your Another Sky. Cat’s Eye staring at the killer pass with psychopathic eyes Travolta, the cat that appears. The malt cat whispers “Is your love high-octane?” –CHROA TRAVOLTA “Are you happy now?” “Citrus aroma and bitterness” CHROA has fascinated fans with its unique phrases and flavors, such as “Sontaku” and “Malt girl’s heavenly taste”. In this “TRAVOLTA”, the world where the cat Travolta preaches love is sung in Another Sky that spreads when you drink it. Red ale “UMBRELLA” is also on sale at the same time. Travolta presents an umbrella and I love you to “all actors who play adults in a rainy society”, likening the world to a rain pattern. The bronze liquids are densely swarming internets. A world without slander and love for smartphones. And I love you from a malt cat dedicated to modern people who want to feel the cosmic scale. All the actors who play adults in this rainy society, bring this umbrella with you. ――CHROA UMBRELLA Neither poem conveys a concrete taste, but in the first place, the concept of CHROA is to “express the fashion sense and human saga and taboo that are not in the beer industry straight with taste and design”. .. Poetry is not a taste-dependent explanation, but an appositional expression that together make up the brand. One world for the first time after reading, drinking and tasting. Such CHROA is produced by Tatsuya Kataoka, a unique person who became a world-famous fashion wheel designer after working as a musician and a homeless person. The editorial department asked about the world in the new work. ――What is the concept of your new work? This is Ainosuke Kataoka. To put it a little more, this time I feel that the awakening and departure of the electric people who were electrocuted by the tasteless and odorless love are composed of two sets. No beer maker is serious about the concept, but it’s here. ――What kind of character is Travolta? Kataoka In this era, if there was a gas station of love, it would be a long line every day like a car that puts gasoline. Travolta is an alcoholic cat who lives there and preaches love. ――Why did you use a cat? Kataoka Every day, there is a cat staring at me in the living room from the garden of my house. I don’t like animals. I hate humans even more. However, there was a time when I had no one to talk to in Corona, and I wanted to learn cat language seriously, learned cat language on YouTube, opened the window and shouted meow every day. The picture of a 48-year-old villainous man screaming meow outside during the day is a report, but I noticed it. When a cat lives in me. I have to shape it. The new work that embodies the cat that Mr. Kataoka has hidden inside is on sale on the official website.