On July 8, when the death of a Sinovac vaccine investigator was reported, a Sinovac vaccination campaign was underway at North Sumatra University Hospital for children over the age of 12.Especially in Indonesia, which has the largest population in the ASEAN region and the fourth largest in the world with a population of about 270 million, many people return to their hometowns and return to urban areas at the Islamic Fasting Festival in May. “Migration period” was carried out in a large scale despite the “restrictions on returning home” by the government and the state government, and as a result, the number of infected people and deaths increased sharply from June. Under these circumstances, news has been reported that makes the people even more uneasy. It is said that there are a series of deaths from medical personnel who are being treated. Moreover, many of the deceased medical personnel were vaccinated with Chinese vaccines by “priority vaccination”. This has led to growing distrust of Chinese vaccines, but more recently, shocking news has been reported. The person in charge of clinical trials of a Chinese vaccine was infected with the new corona and died. ■ Indonesia, where the infection is steadily spreading As of July 9, the number of people infected with corona in Indonesia is 2,455,912, and the number of deaths due to infection so far is 64,631. It is a number. The number of newly infected people per day reached the 20,000 level at the end of June, and reached more than 30,000 in July. The number of deaths from infection per day continues to record around 1,000, which is a very serious situation.