[See all images]Technology that turns a paper package into a game console or musical instrument in conjunction with a smartphone! NFC is convenient ~

By pushing or hitting the upper rectangular parallelepiped package on which the smartphone is placed, you can see how you can enjoy a smartphone game like Whac-A-Mole. Also, it seems that it has a light emitting function. According to Toppan Printing, this package uses a module that works with smartphones via NFC communication. The module can detect manual operation, and the LED can be turned on by supplying power from the smartphone. It also has an ID authentication system to ensure security. As an example of the package, a design that is more like a handheld game machine is also introduced. Is this a respect for “Game Boy Advance SP”? This technology is expected to be applied to interactive content such as games and music performances. Recently, various cloud games have come to run on smartphones, but it is a technology that can be used as a controller for them! Source: Toppan Printing