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On the 10th of this month, a notice titled “About the recent sad incidents at the Life Center” was posted on the website of the Student Life Center of Seoul National University under the name of the Deputy Director of Planning Equipment. The director said, “Recently, there was a sad incident in our living room where one of the hygiene workers collapsed and died in a break space due to an acute myocardial infarction. I pray for the hygiene workers’ souls again.” The director said, “The bereaved family will request cooperation from the Life Center to apply for workers’ accident compensation insurance, and the Life Center will sincerely cooperate with the public corporation’s work accident investigation. We plan to cooperate. ” He said, “However, the general union side of the Democratic Labor Union abused the sad case, and the working environment was poor due to the bereaved family with some other hygiene workers, and there was power harassment in the workplace. He held a press conference that made a one-sided claim even if it was distorted, and the related articles were biasedly reported by the media, damaging the honor of not only the living room but also the entire Seoul National University. ” In addition, “without making efforts to grasp the facts accurately, the union’s false allegations were unilaterally reported and consumed by many people, and in the political world etc., there is a movement to abuse this politically. Can also be seen. ” The director said, “It’s a shameful and sad case, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t force an administrator who works in good faith to be certified as an industrial accident.” In addition, “The University Headquarters and the Seikatsukan have sincerely cooperated with the industrial accident investigation and have done their best to improve the working environment, but expressed their basic position to improve if there are still any shortcomings. We will examine the facts and clarify the details. ” On the 26th of last month, after a 59-year-old dormitory cleaning worker at Seoul National University was found dead in a break room, the bulletin board of the university student online community “Everytime” at Seoul National University posted the truth of the incident and prevented its recurrence. Articles that needed countermeasures were posted one after another. This is because a cleaning worker in his 60s died in 2019 at Seoul National University. In addition, the union and the bereaved family alleged that Mr. Lee suffered from the heavy labor of carrying 6 to 7 100 liter bags every day and suffered power harassment such as taking tests in foreign languages ​​and Chinese that are unnecessary for his duties. Especially at the insulting meeting where the test results were made public, the fact that he demanded to wear a suit was informed, causing netizens to anger. In response, the University of Seoul said, “I took the exam because I wanted to know better where the cleaning workers work, and when I told them to wear a suit when attending the meeting, I immediately left the office. The idea was to do it. “