Comparison table tweeted by Blue OriginVirgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson will participate in this test flight. VSS Unity has conducted 21 test flights so far, but with the approval of commercial space transportation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on June 25, three people have been on board so far. At that point, six people, including Mr. Branson, boarded the ship for the first time. After competing Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos announced in June that he would board his spacecraft on July 20, Branson was announced to join the test flight nine days earlier. In this live stream, R & B artist Khalid will perform an unreleased new song at the landing port of Spaceport America after VSS Unity returns from the test flight. In addition, Stephen Colbert, a talent known for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” of CBS, where Mr. Branson has appeared, will host the live performance. VSS Unity will be carried by a carrier-based aircraft named “White Knight” to an altitude of about 13,000 m in about 40 minutes, separated, and will rise to an altitude of about 83 km with a rocket engine. After a few minutes of plain gravity, he returns to Spaceport America. Blue Origin has long pointed out that this altitude (although NASA recognizes it as “space”) does not reach the “Karman line” at 100 km above sea level, which is the boundary between the earth and outer space set by the International Aviation Federation. .. Blue Origin tweeted an image comparing its spacecraft “New Shepard” with VSS Unity on the 10th, pointing out that “only 4% of the world says that 80km above sea level is the beginning of space.” In this image, VSS Unity’s windows are aircraft-sized, but New Shepard also describes them as “the largest in the universe (107 x 71 cm).” VSS Unity test flight may be postponed depending on weather and other conditions.