[Photo]”Nice” and “kindness oozes out” echoed … Actual photo released by Yuriko Ishida

“Everyone tells me that there are many cat lovers in the current practice hall and I’m looking forward to my sister’s Instagram,” he said. I posted one photo, saying, “Because of the existence of the cat, I’m proud of it.” Two shots of Yuriko’s beloved cat, Bambi (nickname: Babibu, Ponu), being lifted up with both hands and showing off her friendship. The post continues, “In the Kingdom of Yurigoro.” From the followers, “It’s a lovely piece,” “It’s cute,” “Hikari-san’s face and kindness ooze out,” “Healed,” “Babibu has grown, right?” Some people said, “I thought it was Yuriko-san and Babi-chan,” “I thought it was Yuriko-san for a moment,” and “I thought it was just like my sister.”