A spacious grassland in the mountains of Taihaku, Gangwon-do. The goat roams freely, grazing the grass, while interacting with the people sitting on the bench. A landscape looking down from the sky with the help of a drone. The peaceful harmony between humans and animals on the stage of nature is like a scene from a fairy tale. Located on a plateau 800 meters above sea level, the Montran Goat Ranch is a large pasture with about 100 goats bred by natural grazing. A ranch owner who has been conducting field reconnaissance in Switzerland has set up a goat ranch in this place in order to do dairy farming like the Alps. The goat’s milk produced here is used to make various dairy products and bread. Goats have a very mild-mannered personality, are familiar with people, and adults and children can quickly become familiar with them. A child goat who comes from curiosity when he has a camera. As I was stroking my white hair, many friends were gathering around me before I knew it. Baekdudaegan (mountain range) and green meadows spreading in front of you, and goats grazing right next to you. Isn’t this the Korean Alps?Oh Jung-chan reporter