The South Korean government will upgrade the “securing of social distance” in the metropolitan area to four levels from the 12th, which will limit the movement of military personnel such as going out and visiting during this period.

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The Ministry of Defense (equivalent to the Ministry of Defense) announced on the 10th that it has instructed each unit to “secure the distance in the military” based on the “securing the social distance” stage adjustment. It applies for two weeks from the 12th, restricting vacations, outings, visits, etc., but gives military commanders some discretion in non-metropolitan areas where the four stages do not apply. The vacation will be implemented within 10%, which is the minimum range for all units. However, with the approval of the commander, around 5% can be added, mainly for non-metropolitan residents. In addition, all outings will be restricted, but non-metropolitan areas will be allowed only in areas where no infected person has occurred within the last 7 days, based on the approval of the commander. Stay out and visits are all restricted. For executives, restrict going out and moving after daily routines, except for basic daily activities. Private gatherings are postponed or canceled, religious activities are online, and events, visits, business trips, and meetings are prohibited in principle. However, if necessary, we have taken precautions to prevent epidemics and minimized them. On the other hand, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the military increased by 5 from 10 am on the 10th, to a cumulative total of 1124. After completing the vaccination, 7 people have been infected so far.