[Image]The familiar “Jesse’s laughter” is also available! SixTONES and Kis-My-Ft2 voice stampsCreepy Nuts will appear as a guest on “SixTONES ANN” broadcasted in April this year, immediately after the music event “Creepy Nuts All Night Nippon 0 presents Japanese Introduction Rap in Hibiya Noon”. Tanaka said, “I did rap when I entered the office and stood on the stage for the first time. I got a music player for the first time, and I learned about Hannya-san, and I started studying from there. After that, I listened to the two of them. ” “I’ve been watching’Freestyle Dungeon’for a long time, and I’ve actually seen it once in the field,” he said. I was showing it. This co-starring triggered the collaboration of this “FNS Kayosai”. In the broadcast on that day, Tanaka said, “Isn’t it great? There is a spirit of words. You dreamed. Isn’t it really great? I’ve always liked it … That’s why the radio triggered the song festival. Seriously. I can’t believe it, isn’t it? ” “I’m going to do” To us who used to be geniuses “(about collaboration) when I heard from the manager when I was one-on-one, and at that time I was calm and said” I understand, I’ll do my best “. When I got home and thought about it, I thought, “Well, really?” I heard (the same song) on ​​YouTube for the time being. It was a song I had heard so much, but it became like the song I heard for the first time. I can’t sing. ” It seems that he had a meeting and rehearsal the other day, and Tanaka said, “R-Shitei asks me what I want to do, but I can’t speak.” Jesse said, “R-Shitei? -It took me, maybe I could collaborate (laughs) “, jokingly. Tanaka said, “Mr. R did the song splitting in detail, and Mr. Matsunaga said,’This is great, it’s great.’ Mr. R also said,’It’s fun.’ It’s crazy (laughs). There are things like the actual performance is cool, but I want to enjoy it for the time being. It’s a dream stage. It’s no longer a dream to collaborate with songs normally. Contact information, can I ask? Please tell me. I want an idea from Little Stone (nickname of the listener). ” You can listen to the program on “radiko” within a week after the broadcast.