[Photo]Toshiaki Karasawa x Takahisa Masuda x Aoi Koga at the shooting siteThis work is the sequel to “Voice 110 Emergency Command Room” broadcasted in July 2019 for the first time in two years. Toshiaki Karasawa, who played Shogo Higuchi, a man whose wife was killed by a bizarre murderer and burned in revenge for the criminal, is a passionate detective who pushes forward with his intuition and action. Yoko Maki, who plays the role of voice profiler (voiceprint analyst) Hikari Tachibana, and Takahisa Masuda, who plays the role of police officer Toru Ishikawa, will continue to appear in the previous work. In this work, voice actors appear in each episode over the title of the work. Following the appearance of Tomokazu Seki in the first episode, in the second episode, he played the main character Kaguya Shinomiya in “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-Genius’s love brain battle-” and won the “Voice Actor Award” Best Actress Award. Koga will appear. Koga, who will appear in the live-action drama for the first time, said to the offer of the appearance, “I couldn’t believe it enough to ask the manager if I really fit.” In addition, Koga’s screams echo in the appearance scene. The full comment from Koga is as follows. Aoi Koga Do you really suit me after receiving the comment appearance offer? It was shocking because I couldn’t believe it so much that I asked the manager. “Voice” (previous work) was a work that I enjoyed as a viewer, so I am very happy and I am very honored to receive the offer. Immediately after I finished shooting and entered the scene, I was very nervous, but thanks to the communication between the staff and the cast, I was able to shoot with just the right amount of tension. It seems that there is a high degree of freedom in shooting live-action shots, such as having to shoot the same scene many times with different angles of view, playing behind the camera even when it is not in the picture, and suffering when moving like this. I realized that I was performing while paying attention to various things, and the costumes and makeup were handled by instantly judging the character’s character, and not only the actors but also the staff are really amazing. I felt that. I could directly feel the enthusiasm of Mr. Karasawa and Mr. Masuda and the persuasive power of the play, and it was a really good experience for me in the future. Also, if you appear in “Voice”, you have a longing to put out a police notebook saying “I’m such a person …”. This time, it was a role to be involved in the incident, so I think it would be interesting to have a role to convey information to the people in the field, a relative of the criminal, or a person who was involved in the crime without knowing it. If it’s okay to expose my hobbies, I’d like to try a role that is familiar with manhole covers and a role of a waterworks bureau staff. The charm of “Voice” The tension between the site and the command room is irresistible. As soon as one case is resolved, the next case will occur. It’s tense and speedy, and you’ll be absorbed in it, and you can enjoy the faint sounds and voices while inferring them together. I think that is also one of the attractions. Furthermore, paying close attention to the facial expressions and emotions of each character may be a hint of the previous story, so I would like you to pay attention to all the scenes …! Message to fans It is a great honor to be involved in the work that I enjoyed as a viewer. I think that “Voice II” will be glued to the TV so much that you can feel one more episode in a blink of an eye than the previous work. I will also read the sense of urgency of the story and the hints left in each episode and watch it while making inferences. Please enjoy it to the end while feeling the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the work.