[Photo]Pre-release cut and press conference of the fascinating “Monthly Yuri Tsunematsu”The first photo book “Monthly Yuri Tsunematsu” was taken at a retro love hotel in Fukue Island and Chiba in the Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture. Fukue Island is the place where Tsunematsu spends about a month in the movie “Have a Song on Your Lips” and calls it his second home. In a relaxing environment, the shooting was like a journey to reconsider your career as an actress. On the other hand, at the retro love hotel in Chiba, a sexy adult with a world view from the late 80’s to the early 90’s according to the era setting of “Naked Director Season 2” in which Tsunematsu appears as the new heroine Miyuki Chiba / Mariko Nogi. I am also challenging the expression of. “Yu” in the title of the photo book includes not only “gentle” but also “graceful” and “acting”. In the Goto archipelago edition, while being conscious of femininity such as kindness and grace, in the retro love hotel edition, it was shot under the theme of playing someone in the past. My favorite cut is a photo taken in a blue room in a love hotel room. He says that he likes the sad expression that floats in the room where his body turns blue when he enters. In addition, he learned locally that the room was used as a location for “The Naked Director Season 2”, and showed a surprised expression, “It’s amazing by chance.” From the Goto archipelago edition, I will introduce the spread photos that I like because “the balance of light and shadow is amazing”. It seems that there is also a history of being selected as a favorite for a slightly unusual reason that the mother’s “the one who can see all the legs and hands and looks like four” and “I see the face every day so this is just right”. I was inviting the laughter of the gathered reporters. At the press conference, comments from Wakana Aoi, who co-starred in “Have a Song on Your Lips” as a surprise to herself, and Takayuki Yamada, who starred in “The Naked Director”, were read on behalf of her. Aoi said, “I respect Yuri as an actress, and I love Yuri’s play, which is innocent like Yuri, but who is familiar with the work and the scene.” I’ve passed by and even my best friend, but I also like her play very much and am impressed with her presence on the big stage such as musicals, so I will continue to talk about work. However, I want to live my life together … It’s kind of like a wedding greeting (laughs). I love that much. ” Aoi was the heroine of the morning drama “Warotenka” (NHK General TV), but Tsunematsu is also a morning drama actress who is currently appearing in “Okaeri Mone” (NHK General TV). “When I told him that I had received it (to the audition), he was very pleased and pushed me back, saying,” Please do your best. ” When she was a heroine at the time, I heard that it was “difficult”, so I went to the scene with the intention of supporting Kaya Kiyohara (who plays the role of the heroine). ” Comments arrived from Yamada with “Kuroki-style” from “The Naked Director”. “I will never forget the intense time with Mr. Tsunematsu for the rest of my life.” “I am confident that I will have a fateful reunion again.” After explaining the scene where he met in the final episode, he said, “I would be happy if I could meet Mr. Yamada at some site again.”