[Photo Feature]Bungei Online, ABEMA, Omokoro … What are the editors who are active on the front lines?

The manga magazine app “Shonen Jump +” started in 2014 with the signboard of the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha), which boasts the largest circulation in Japan in paper magazines. In addition to selling the digital version of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” new hits and writers are being created one after another, such as the distribution of original serialized works that have been viewed more than 1 million times, and their presence is strengthening. What is the mechanism of “discovering” and “cultivating” talents who can continue to create hits even in digital media? (Interview / writing = Takahiro Kuroki, editing = Kayo Kito / Nooto)[Shonen Jump + Editor-in-Chief Shuhei Hosono’s secret]・ Create a place for new writers to challenge and aim for a hit with the original serialization ・ “Weekly Shonen Jump Increase the number of subscribers with added value beyond “read” ・ “Power to like” becomes an editor’s weapon