[Image]”Ace Grade To Me, the Coolest in the World” (c) 2018 A24 DISTRIBUTION, LLC (3 others)

A24 is an American independent film company that has produced highly authoritative works. Even in Japan, it has become a hot topic in “Moonlight”, “Lady Bird”, “Midsummer”, etc., and is attracting attention. At this event, four works produced and distributed by A24 will be screened all night. The lineup includes the semi-autobiographical work “mid90s MidNineties” by Jonah Hill against the backdrop of Los Angeles in the 1990s, and the SNS generation youth movie “Ace Grade, the coolest in the world” by YouTuber-born Bo Burnham. “To me”, “Good Time” starring Robert Pattinson, who traces the fate of the brother who committed the bank robbery, and “Spring Breakers”, in which Harmony Korine depicts the radical vacation of four female college students. Tickets are on sale at the theater window or at the Cine Wind online shop. ■ A24 All Night in Cine Wind Saturday, July 31, 2021, Saturday, August 7, Niigata Prefecture Cine Wind Open 22:00 / Start 22:30 / End 5:45 the following day Fee: 2500 yen for members / General 3000 yen Advance fee: Member 2000 yen / General 2500 yen □ Screening order on Saturday, July 31 “mid90s Mid Nineties” “Ace Grade To me who is the coolest in the world” “Good time” “Spring Breakers ”□ August 7th (Sat) Screening order“ Spring Breakers ”“ Good Time ”“ Ace Grade To the Coolest Me in the World ”“ mid90s Mid Nine Teas ”