[Image]A beautiful world of reflectionA photo posted by Yukicha using the reflection of the water surface. The sky that spreads above and below is very beautiful, and it has a charm that makes you want to see it forever. The water surface that reflects the landscape is a beauty that looks like a painting. This photo is upside down, like “This is actually a puddle on the top,” and the top half of the photo is the water surface and the bottom half is the ground. Both look like real landscapes and are indistinguishable. You can see the atmosphere of the original photo by flipping the screen of your smartphone or flipping the photo vertically on your computer. On Twitter, people who were surprised and said, “Wow, it’s so beautiful. I want to be able to draw this kind of scenery.” We have received a lot of comments from. Yukicha also publishes reflection photos. All of them have the transparent beauty unique to water mirrors, and it seems that you can see one photo for hours.