[Photo]View tableware, tote bags, and other lineup products

“MOOMIN OUTDOORS” is a new product label of “Moomin” that makes you want to touch nature at the same time as you can enjoy the scene of the “Moomin” novel by harmonizing the beautiful line drawing and the color that imaged the world view. For the key visual, an impressive scene in “Comet in Moominland” with many illustrations that coexists with nature through the harsh depiction of nature and the adventures of Moomintrolls is selected from numerous novels left by the author Tove Jansson. Was done. The items announced this time are the “ tote bag”, which is characterized by its outdoor-conscious color and size, the “ round and round shopping bag”, which is convenient for shopping, and the shock-resistant smartphone case with a structure that cushions the impact. “Moomin” / shock resistant case MiA “,” resin tableware series “that is lightweight and hard to break and can be used in household dishwashers and microwave ovens,” Durable and excellent heat conduction ” Aluminum Mestin “etc. “Moomin” fans would like to expect future developments. In addition, “MOOMIN POPUP STORE by Small Planet” will be held at the event space outside the south ticket gate of JR Ikebukuro Station from July 9th to 19th, 2021. You can also check the “MOOMIN OUTDOORS” item this time. Tote bag ■ Price (tax included): 2,970 yen ■ Available color name: Khaki (mountain climbing) / Camel (Kakurenbo) * Scheduled to be released from late June to early July Round and round shopping bag ■ Price (tax included) : 1,430 yen “Moomin” / Impact resistant case MiA ■ Price (tax included): All terminals: 2,420 yen ■ Development color name: Tent, bonfire 1 Resin tableware series Resin bowl ■ Price (tax included): 1,078 yen Resin mug ■ Price (tax included): 1,408 yen Resin deep plate ■ Price (tax included): 1,540 yen Resin lunch plate ■ Price (tax included): 1,848 yen Dyeing hand towel ■ Price (tax included): 2,090 yen ■ Development Color name: Tent (yellow / red) Aluminum Mestin 850ml ■ Price (tax included): 3,850 yen * Scheduled to be released in late August T-shirt ■ Price (tax included): 4,378 yen ■ Development color name: Charcoal gray / khaki ■ Size: Unisex M / L (C) Moomin Characters