[Image]In fact, Synchronous Sexy Zone Fuma Kikuchi and SixTONES Juri Tanaka)In this issue, Sexy Zone Fuma Kikuchi and SixTONES Juri Tanaka will appear as color gravure and dialogue. Kikuchi and Tanaka have different debut years, but they both joined Johnny’s office at the age of 13. Not only the stage “DREAM BOYS”, where they will co-star for the first time this fall, but also the relationship between the two, “Synchronous but not a rival,” can be learned. In addition, the longevity program “Tokudane!” Includes a dialogue between Tomoaki Ogura, who finished in March 2021, and Sayaka Aoki, who wrote the autobiographical essay “Mother” while playing an active role as a talent and challenging a new genre of writing. We talked openly about everything from the past of debts to parting with parents and fighting illness. In the special feature, we are thinking about how to extend “healthy life expectancy” under the title of “Thorough maintenance of body and mind!”, And also include a dialogue between Ai Sugiyama and Miyako Tanaka of Olympia.