[Video]Too funny reaction of teammates called “Home Alone”

The Los Angeles Times reporter drew a large arch that involuntarily said, “Shohei flew to Canada,” but Angels teammates also stood up, holding their heads and looking surprised. The camera pulled out Justin Upton, who had the number 10 on his back. He took off his hat, held his head with both hands, and opened his mouth and eyes wide to show a surprise. MLB’s official Twitter account commented that it was a “perfect reaction.” In addition, he posted a photo of Upton heading for Otani, adding the words, “Justin Upton is like all of us.” Fans have also commented on Upton’s reaction. “This is the ball that the bench holds in the head.” “It’s like a fan reaction. I had the same face.” “I want to give Upton the reaction award today.” In “Bally Sports West,” Upton commented with a triumphant laugh, saying, “It’s like Home Alone.” Even in the MLB official Twitter video, he shouts “Kevin !!” (the name of the main character played by Macaulay Culkin). Otani released No. 32 this season against the Red Sox on the 7th, rewriting the 31 home runs of the Japanese player, which was recorded by Hideki Matsui of the Yankees in 2004. It has also been decided that he will be the first Japanese player to participate in Home Run Derby on July 13, and he must keep an eye on his success.