Why remove only V … Watch the video of Louis Vuitton who bought ARMY’s wrath

On July 7th, a spin-off show featuring BTS was released on YouTube and other media in conjunction with the launch of the 2021 Fall / Winter Men’s Collection (16th). Set in the art and culture space “Bucheon Art Bunker B39” near Seoul, the members wearing the latest collection RM, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V , JUNG KOOK appears with the models. The video is about 10 minutes long, but has been played over 4.3 million times so far. Many people enjoyed the show, but the related footage posted on Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter account on the 9th was a bit controversial. It is an excerpt of the show and is advertised, and there are scenes where the members’ ups are shown in order. However, for some reason, only V does not appear. Naturally, in the lip column, an angry comment from ARMY (BTS fan)-“There are 7 ambassadors, but there are only 6 in this video. Please correct and add V.” “This non-professionalism It was flooded with “not suitable for high-end luxury brands” and “we ARMY are very sad and resentful”. Moreover, July 9th is ARMY’s 8th “birthday”. It’s a special day when BTS fans have been named ARMY. In addition, the single “Butter” was released, and the new song “Permission to Dance” with Ed Sheeran’s participation was also released, so some people may have felt that they were overwhelmed by joy. A few hours later, the same video was posted on the official account of Louis Vuitton Japan, and many Japanese ARMY comments were questioning. In fact, this is not the first time that Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter account “V Remove”. A similar thing happened in May, which made AMRY even more sad. After confirming with the Louis Vuitton Japan public relations whether there was any reason for this matter or a simple mistake, after contacting the French headquarters, he said, “There is no comment from us regarding this matter.” There was no answer. At least among the ARMYs, Louis Vuitton’s image will inevitably decline.