[Image]”Theatrical version of Jujutsu Kaisen 0″ has been unveiled

● Maki Sadain, who has excellent communicative competence with good care and is not hesitant to others. Although he has a very good personality, he has a desperate handicap in conversation, saying that his vocabulary is only rice balls. For members who have difficulty communicating, Panda is cheerful and actively interacts with others. “Jujutsu Kaisen” Even in the previous day’s “Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic” (commonly known as Volume 0), you can talk with Yuta Otobone, who was away from others when he first appeared, or love bana. I used to have flowers in bloom. Pandas also have a very friendly relationship with their juniors. In the interleague game with the Kyoto school, he is showing a breathtaking appearance, especially by provoking the other student with Nagisaki Nobara. Except for the appearance factor, the panda is a very well-balanced person who can interact with the other person regardless of age, gender, personality, or origin. ● Calmness, curiosity, and openness create ease of contact When he fought against Mechamaru at Kyoto School in an interleague game, he said: “Well, I’ve never been jealous of humans.” “Because humans feel uncomfortable.” On the other hand, pandas say that they like humans who have many parts that they don’t have because they are different from humans. .. “Mecha Maru is also a lot of trouble, but the hard guy isn’t always right.” “If there’s something I want to do, I’ll help you.” Immediately after the fierce battle with Mecha Maru, the attitude of approaching obediently Panda to show. I feel a pure curiosity about the other person and a calm and objective point of view. Reluctance due to cheerfulness and an exquisite sense of distance from others due to calmness. I feel like I’m being shown a model of human relationships … A panda who has a very high communicative ability and calmly observes the difference from others and shows a personality (panda character?) Who can build a good relationship. In reality, it makes you want to be friends first (and you want to be a lot of fluffy). In “Theatrical Version Jujutsu Kaisen 0” scheduled to be released in 2021, it seems that the story will progress mainly in the grades of the pandas. You can see plenty of pandas in the comedy scene and pandas in the serious scene.