[Image]Bitcoin billionaire is 41 years old and mysterious drowning What happens to digital assets over $ 1 billion?

The sudden death of the cryptocurrency billionaire is causing a scream in the BTC world. His digital assets are estimated to be over $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen), and he is one of the world’s top digital assets. At its peak in mid-April this year, it is said to have been “worth nearly $ 2 billion.” But the newspapers report that “no one has access to that huge asset so far.” If no one knows his “private key” as it is, his digital assets will be “forever lost.” If the virtual currency billionaire suddenly dies in this way and “the person’s coins are lost”, what kind of effect will spread to other virtual currencies? According to BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto, “it only slightly increases the value of everyone else’s coins.” It can be thought of as a donation to everyone. The reason why the value of coins increases slightly is that the coins in circulation are lost and the supply is insufficient, but nothing is wrong.