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From the 12th of this month, the number of infected people in the metropolitan area to which level 4 of epidemic prevention measures (securing social distance) is applied is counted as 1021, and the number of infected people is increasing in other non-metropolitan areas. The next epidemic may spread to non-metropolitan areas. ” Of the infected people on that day, 1320 people were infected in the city in Japan, and 58 people were infected from overseas. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, Seoul recorded 501 people, and the momentum of diffusion still does not seem to subside. Gyeonggi-do also recorded 441 people, increasing to the 400 level. Partly due to the spread from those areas, 79 infected people occurred in Incheon (Incheon). In the non-metropolitan area, Busan recorded 59 people and continues to increase. In addition, 47 people were in Daejeon, 36 people were in Gyeongsangnam-do, 29 people were in Ulsan, and 28 people were in Chungcheongnam-do.