[Photo]NEWS latest artist photoMasuda’s unique project that he loves sneakers is “I want to give Mr. Sakurai a pair of sneakers in the world !!”. Challenge the “sneaker custom” that processes sneakers to the original, which has become a hot topic mainly in the United States. Masuda, who is a big sneaker enthusiast but has no experience in processing sneakers himself, learns various techniques from masters who are active in the world. Masuda, who is confident in the design and “lived only with aesthetic sense and personality”, such as designing NEWS and live costumes for junior groups, will complete the original sneakers in 2 hours. In addition, Tomio Umezawa challenged two major projects, “I want to learn how to hold the best rice balls!” And “I want to be able to do difficult and golf draining shots!”. Furthermore, at the “Convenient Goods Association,” which loves useful goods, it is worthwhile to quickly cook a large amount of food with time-saving goods. Search for “# Convenient Goods” ・ Natsuko Yokosawa, and High Heel Momoko, who can’t stop talking about useful goods, carefully select and introduce recommended useful goods.