[Photo]BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPENThis time, BEGIN will collaborate with pacific saury Akashiya to perform the representative song “Egao no Manma”. Originally, “FNS27 Hours TV!” Was hosted by pacific saury Akashiya. !! Hyokin Yume Archipelago with everyone smiling! !! (Fuji TV / July 26th, 27th, 2008), pacific saury Akashiya asked BEGIN to make an ending theme for the program with half a joke, and BEGIN agreed. Although it was produced in a limited time, the new “Egao no Manma” was shown at the finale of the program. In “FNS Kayosai” broadcast on December 7, 2011, pacific saury Akashiya and BEGIN collaborated with SMAP to show “Egao no Manma” with a gorgeous arrangement unique to “FNS Kayosai”. At the “FNS Kayosai” for the first time in 10 years, BEGIN and pacific saury Akashiya, who want to make the whole of Japan smile with songs, will deliver a special version of “Egao no Manma” for one night only. And this time, BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN and others are also in line. BTS unveiled “Butter,” which has been ranked number one on the US Billboard HOT100 for six consecutive weeks. SEVENTEEN will unveil the new song “Ready to love” for the first time in Japan from the mini album “Your Choice” which has exceeded the million seller in the first week of its release. ENHYPEN will also show “Drunk-Dazed”. In addition, Yurina Hirate will also appear. The new song “Irreplaceable World” will be unveiled for the first time.