[Photo]Surprised that “Tomomi Takahashi is very fresh” The actual one released by Tomomi Itano

He started writing, “I received a phytotherapy coordinator certificate,” and explained “phytotherapy.” Regarding the reason for starting studying, he said, “I decided to learn because I thought that I could take care of my body by using this phytotherapy even when I couldn’t drink chemical substances when I became pregnant.” He continued, “I would like to continue studying more and share my experience with you.” I released one of the camera’s eyes with my certificate. “Yumi Takahashi” is written in the name column. Itano announced in January this year that he would marry professional baseball pitcher Keiji Takahashi of Yakult. It has already entered a stable period. In the comment section, “Congratulations on becoming Tomomi Takahashi” “Becoming Takahashi !!” “Tomomi Takahashi is very fresh” “I really respect the appearance of being a very hard worker and improving forever” ” It’s wonderful, isn’t it? “