There is also a model that suppresses the maximum volume to 85 dB

If so, it is inevitable that wireless / Bluetooth will be oriented. The cable that connects your computer to headphones is a source of trouble for people who are restless and have a lot of impulsive behavior. And if you have a size, lightness, and stretchable band that fits your child’s head … is that all? For children who have difficulty grasping their situation objectively, parents need to pay attention to the volume as well. Headphones with a low maximum sound pressure level or adjustable maximum sound pressure level can help protect your child’s ear health. At this time, it should be noted that the built-in function is “setting an upper limit on the maximum sound pressure level”, not “suppressing the entire volume”. If the product has an upper limit on the maximum sound pressure level, quiet sounds and unobtrusive volume will be output as they are, and only loud sounds will be suppressed. However, with products that suppress the overall volume, the volume is lowered uniformly regardless of the volume of the sound, making it difficult to handle as headphones, such as making it difficult to hear small sounds. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), listening for more than 8 hours at a volume of more than 85 decibels and more than 15 minutes at a volume of more than 100 decibels may damage ear function. You want to choose a product with a “limiter” for the health of your child’s ears.