[Image]Gene FiniIt’s been a year since a man named Jean Fini, who is only interested in movies, became an assistant to Pompo, who is a girl but a talented producer at a movie studio that went out of school. Pompo is appointed as the director of the new movie after seeing Jean enthusiastically taking notes at the shooting site and taking detailed notes while watching a movie in the preview room when he has time. Even in the moving scenes I shot, I was surprised at how dry it was if it wasn’t necessary to put it together in one movie, and the indomitability of Jean, who collapsed due to overwork and was hospitalized, and stayed in the editing room. There must have been many people. Then why isn’t it “Movie-loving Jean-kun”? Even in the original manga, “Movie-loving Fran-chan” and “Movie-loving Kana-chan” were published with two people aiming to become actresses as spin-offs, but there was no volume bearing the name of Jean. Yet, in most of the series, Jean takes the lead as a director in the filmmaking scene, demonstrating his obsession with “If you don’t do this, it won’t be a good movie.” Due to the existence of Jean as a representative of human beings who are devoted to the limit in the movie, Natalie, a new actress selected by Pompo, Fran and Kana drawn in the spin-off, Pompo and her acquaintances and classmates After confirming their attitude toward movies, they are devoted to making movies again. That is the “Movie-loving Pompo-san” series called “NYALLY WOOD STUDIO SERIES”. In “Movie-loving Pompo-san 2”, Jean follows his passion as a creator and edits and throws out the movie requested to be directed, causing a great deal of trouble to Pompo-san. After that, Jean wrote a script that he was satisfied with, and shot the actress Mystia, who often appears in movies produced by Pompo, as the leading role, but Pompo wrote the script there and tailored it with a good director Corvette. A game is set up in the movie. Even if Jean, who is the director of the “Nyakademi Award” and a serious cinephilia, sees it, Pompo’s talent for making a convincing script and a movie is tremendous, but it is Jean’s thoughts on the movie that he has pulled out to such a place. .. Among the spin-off works, in “Movie Love Fran-chan”, which features Fran who aims to become an actress while working as a diner, it happened to Pompo’s team behind the scenes where Jean worked on a new movie in “Movie Love Pompo 2”. The situation is drawn. Pompo said to Fran, who had been losing streak in a row to become an actress, saying, “If you go to the audition, don’t read the script and watch other people’s acting.” Let me know if you have done it. After the movie starring Fran, who improved the quality of his acting, became as popular as Jean’s movie, Fran was offered an appearance, but the actions taken by Fran were handed over to Jean again, or A dynamic thing inherited from Pompo. A movie idiot inspired by Jean and Pompo was born. Also, in “Movie-loving Kana-chan”, in which Kana, who is a junior of Fran, plays the leading role, the acting method adopted by Kana, who is likely to make her silver screen debut as an opponent of a popular actor, is tremendous in an attempt to overcome the wall of acting that she collided with. A scriptwriter who loves science fiction movies will also appear, but the importance of writing a script that is easy to understand for the audience is drawn without running on the assumption. Jean doesn’t compromise on himself either. That is to get closer to the ideals of those who want to see the movie they made. The manga showed a number of ways the creators’ passions should go. “Movie-loving Pompo-san 3” is a story in which you can double the amount of heat you put into Jean’s directorial business. Inspired by the activities of Jean and Pompo, Peterson, who was known as Pompo’s grandfather and a famous producer, returned to the scene and started shooting a movie under the direction of Jean. On the other hand, a classmate at the school Pompo attends (who was a student!) Has a girl with a talent as a cameraman, and Pompo tries to make a movie for her. What happened there was more amazing than the movie showdown with Jean. I’m sure you’ll be stunned. As a result, a talented cameraman was born, and the actor who was smoldering near Pompo was exposed to the sun and rushed to the big stage. The movie is really good. And it’s incredibly scary. There are so many original works in the “Movie Love Pompo-san” series that make you feel like that. Director Hirao, who is very popular with anime movies, will be inspired by the enthusiasm of Jean he drew and will try to animate it one after another. Such thoughts are now being sought after.