[See all images]The tape does not have to be a circle.Portable packing tape that fits in both drawers and pockets

3M has come up with a great idea to solve this “packing tape is hard to put away and carry” problem. Card-style packing tape “Scotch Transparent Packing Tape Portable”. Look at this, it’s so light! The central part called the core (the core of the round tape) is a 2mm flat plate. It has a compact and thin design. It fits in a desk drawer and in a bag. If anything, it can be put in your pocket, so it may be an ant as an outdoor or disaster prevention goods. There are two variations of “Scotch Transparent Packing Tape Portable”, “48mm x 7m” and “48mm x 15m”, and the price is open. Surprisingly, tape is versatile. I think there are many scenes where this portability is helpful, not to mention the ease of taking it out on a daily basis. Source: 3M Japan