[Treasure photo]Reimi Tsutsumi Anna, Yuka Ebihara Anna’s bewitching shotBefore the official announcement of personnel, former Anna Kushiro proclaimed herself with the news that she had changed herself on her Instagram, saying, “I will make it the most famous station in the world!” In his private life, in December of last year, he married Haru-kun, a popular YouTuber who is said to be a “rival of a TV station”. There are many regrettable voices because he was known as an “individual anouncer”, such as causing a police call due to a fool’s talk at the time of dating. “When pacific saury Akashiya said on the radio,’I feel like it’s a waste,’ and Hitoshi Matsumoto also said on TV,’I thought it had the potential to grow big,’and’I feel sorry.’ It is rare for big-name entertainers to give a farewell voice to Kushiro former Anna. That’s why her individuality as Anna was evaluated. “(Fuji official) Only for Kushiro former Anna who has been loved by big names. Naturally, it is the free transition that emerges. It is said that he had been interacting with the people around him for a long time. “Before Corona, he actively participated in drinking parties with entertainers involved in his work. Not only that, he was also known as a” lover of joint parties “in his private life, and was witnessed by entertainers and related parties. Kushiro Anna was drinking. At the seat, he is more “individual” than when he appeared on TV, and there are many withdrawals like a former bandman. There are many scenes where he is advised to change to free, saying “It’s a waste of station announcer!” It’s not once or twice. “(Same as before) The person who pushes the back of Kushiro Anna is Washimi Anna, who left TV Tokyo in March last year and turned free. Co-starred in the Fuji-based talk show “Our Age” last October. When Kushiro Anna revealed, “I heard a lot of free stories,” Sumi Anna revealed, “Maybe I’m trying to be free.” Kushiro Anna hurriedly denied, “I haven’t done it! I haven’t done it!” “From the perspective of Kushiro Anna, Washimi Anna is a junior in the first grade of the university. The one who dressed up in the university and was conspicuous was Kushiro Anna. “It’s more suitable for freelancers!” (Acquaintance) As already reported, Kushiro Anna is reprimanded and announced by her boss every time a police report or a party drink is reported in weekly magazines. It is said that it became difficult to stay indoors. “When I was praised by the entertainers and staff who co-starred in the variety show, and when I returned to the announcement club triumphantly, I was angry with” Don’t stand out! ” There was even a request from the variety show to recommend freelance. ”(Fuji official mentioned above) There is also a way to belong to an entertainment agency and change to freelance like Anna Sumi. If so, there is a way to play an active role as a YouTuber immediately with the help of her husband. In any case, it seems that Kushiro Anna’s decision will attract attention, as some people say that it is a waste to disappear from the front stage as it is.