[7 live photos]Cute with cat ears Fully open Cool MirurunmoHis first solo concert in August last year was a live broadcast without spectators, but this time it was realized with spectators. “I’m very happy to be able to sing and dance in front of you today!”, Expressing the joy of having a solo performance with the audience, “Today’s live is a cute me or a cool me. I’m sexy, I’ve packed a lot of me, so I’d be happy if you could “see” until the end! ” In pink costumes, you can cutely show off “Namekuji Heart” and “Waruki”‘s Mirurun version “Warrun”, sing “Even if you’re away” moistly, “Mushi no Ballad” and “Waruki”. “Dream dead body” is expressed wildly, and various charms are released as declared in MC. In the video corner, answer “I want to go to nudist beach” to the question “What do you want to do first after graduating from an idol?” Or “Egg? Wait?” To the question “Dog is dog, cat is cat, elephant?” I don’t know. It?) ” In the second half, he performed important songs such as “Let’s go to the mountains” where Shiroma served as the center for the first time, and “Not like” which was appointed as the first single title song center. Summer songs such as “No way Singapore”, “Nagiichi”, and “Dorian Shounen” were also lively. In the encore, when he sang “Crystal” and “Pink World”, he announced that “I will graduate from NMB48″ in March. My favorite people who support me in my performance for 11 years at NMB48. I was happy that he was able to get well, so I would like to continue singing and dancing even after graduating. ” “Let’s all laugh at the end!” And ended with his own center song “Warotapipo”. Shirama, who appeared on the stage again in response to the unstoppable applause, said, “Through today’s live, I really love singing and dancing. I was so happy that I was almost crying. I want to continue forever, and I will continue to bet my life so that I can be a source of smiles and energy for everyone, and I have continued to strive to protect your smiles. I think it is. ” Shiroma’s graduation concert will be held at Osaka-jo Hall on August 15th, after being postponed due to a state of emergency. ■ “Miru Shiroma Solo Concert 2021 ~ Zepp! Mirumiru ~ ”Set Slito overture 01. I’m not loved 02. Mystery Line 03. She’s gone 04. Ikenai Koto 05. Weeping Willow 06. Tokonoma Seiza Musume 07. Namekuji Heart 08. Angel Tales 09. -) 10. Even if you are far away 11. Insect ballad 12. Dream dead body 13. I want to hug you 14. Let’s go to the mountains 15. Not like 16. Sasasa Saiko! 17. No way Singapore 18. Nagiichi 19. Dorian Shounen[Encore]EN1. Crystal EN2. Pink World EN3. Warotapipo