[See another image about this article]Dragner 3 is a mecha that appears in “Metal Armor Dragonar”. In “Metal Armor Dragonar”, three young people accidentally get on the latest military weapons and are registered as pilots. The story is that you cannot change to another pilot, so you will inevitably get involved in the war. The Dragner 3 has a disc-shaped head, which is one of the three mechas, and has a strong impact. The motif of this head is a huge radome mounted on the actual AWACS (Airborne Early Warning). “Metal Armor Dragonar” is a 1987 animation, but introduced the concept of “electronic warfare” which was not well known at that time. Furthermore, he was able to hack and rewrite data, which was an impressive achievement. The “HI-METAL R Dragner 3” is equipped with an armor deployment gimmick similar to the “HI-METAL R Dragner 1” sold in advance. Arrangements have been added to enhance the aircraft-like atmosphere from the design in the program. At the exhibition, he was exhibited in a “knee-standing” figure with his knees bent deeply, which greatly emphasized the wide range of motion of the product.[Purchased at Premium Bandai](C) Sotsu / Sunrise