[Image]Introduction page of Kanda Myojin (You can check the change function * Currently stopped)The site is operated by an incorporated association called the Japan Shrine Protection Association (Nerima-ku, Tokyo). According to the corporation, Kamimusubi started operation on May 15 as a non-profit site for the purpose of introducing the origins and events of shrines in various parts of Japan. From June 21st, the function of offering money online from the introduction page of each shrine was provided to support the difficult shrines, but the permission was not obtained from the shrines. The official Twitter accounts of Kanda Myojin and Kokuo Shrine (Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture) responded to this function on the 8th, “I am confused because there is no contact with public relations.” I haven’t heard such a story. ” Hokkaido Jingu Shrine and others are calling attention, such as “We have not confirmed payment. Please be careful.” In response to this, the Japanese Shrine Protection Association said on the same day, “We did not obtain the consent of the shrines that posted the information. I’ve done it. ” The function was temporarily stopped until confirmation with each shrine was completed. As for the reason for the inadequate contact, he explained that he was short of hands because it is an organization run by four volunteers. According to the association, this feature was based on Stripe’s online payment service, Stripe. Initially, when the amount collected exceeds 10,000 yen or when requested by the shrine, the amount after deducting the settlement fee of 3.6% set by Stripe and the transfer fee to the bank account will be added to the shrine’s account. It was planned to transfer it. Since June 21, when the feature began to be provided, there have been two payments for coins. In the first case, on June 28, a shrine in Aomori Prefecture was paid 10,000 yen, and on July 9, it was handed over to the shrine after deducting fees. The second case was a payment after a series of indications on Twitter, so it is said that the refund was processed. The Japan Shrine Protection Association plans to respond to inquiries from prefectural shrine offices in the future. It is said that the transparency of the service will be ensured by disclosing the account of Stripe, the site operator, to each shrine and shrine office. He said that the money-making function may correspond to transactions under the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, and he said that he would add a notation on the site if necessary while consulting with a lawyer.