[Photo]Ryohei Suzuki, who played a quiet shojo manga artist in the previous coolThis work is a medical drama that depicts the life-saving emergency professional team “TOKYO MER” bravely jumping into the scene of a serious accident, disaster, or incident. In addition to Suzuki, Kento Kaku, Ayami Nakajo, Nanao, Riisa Naka, Yuriko Ishida and others set aside, and in the first episode, TOKYO MER’s exclusive vehicle “It was created by remodeling an 8-ton car over 6 months. Large-scale and dynamic scenes such as “ER Car” have been developed many times, and episodes of exceptional scale will continue in the future. Attention is Kota Kitami, the main character played by Suzuki. Kitami, the leader of TOKYO MER and a super-emergency doctor, is a doctor who has a sense of mission and a strong belief that he can take his own life to save his life, saying, “There is a life that cannot be saved just by waiting.” Patients are diagnosed accurately and treated at an astonishing speed, but risk-free medical practice involves people around them and puts them at risk of tissue dismantling. The script is written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who specializes in hot human dramas with hits such as “Grand Maison Tokyo”, “Kiken na Venus” (TBS series), and the movie “Kingdom” at the same Sunday Theater. He is said to have shaped Kitami in the image of Suzuki himself. Kitami has a brave and powerful smile, but from a different point of view, he is a sloppy person who does muscle training without taking a bath. Suzuki, who has a career of about 15 years as an actor, has played many roles so far, but the movie “My Love Story !!” is led by the main character, Takamori Saigo, in the taiga drama “Segodon” (NHK General TV). Works that can be said to be representative works for Suzuki, such as Takeo Gouda in, remember the image that is an extension of Kitami. So to speak, Suzuki’s public image that everyone nods. The culmination of that at the moment is Kitami, who plays this time. In addition, Suzuki will continue to star in “Ren-ai Mangaka” (Fuji TV series), which was broadcast until last month. Shojo manga artist Seiichiro Karibe will still be unforgettable for many viewers, but Kitami is in the opposite position to the lonely existence that he is not good at socializing. The acting gap is also one of the factors that entertains us. The big highlight of the whole story is the relationship with Takashi Otoha, played by Kento Kaku. Otoha is a medical engineer who is also a doctor while being a bureaucrat of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. He is also a spy who was instructed by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Mariko Shirokane (Makiko Watanabe) to crush TOKYO MER. His personality is also the exact opposite of Kitami, who has the guts of being a calm and ambitious person. How Kitami changes his mind about Otoha is likely to be a key point in talking about this work. In addition to Otoha, MER trainee Hina (Ayami Nakajo) who opposes Kitami’s method without regard for danger, rescue team Senju Miki (Jun Ikuyo) who collides violently with Kitami, and MER chief of Kitami. Azusa Akatsuka (Yuriko Ishida), the governor of Tokyo, who holds his unknown past, and many people surrounding Kitami will appear. At the axis is a human drama about life. This era of 2021 is the beginning of a soul-stirring hot medical drama.