[Related Image]At Abitania Jersey Farm, fattening is done in a free-range style called free stall.While normal Japanese black beef is shipped around the age of two and a half, this ranch fattens for more than five years. The mature lean meat has a deep, chewy taste, which sets it apart from the common sense that delicious beef in Japan is “soft.” Jersey cows are small and inefficient to raise as beef cattle, so they are rarely distributed in the Japanese market. Until now, it has been eaten only in a very narrow area such as those involved in ranches. Sales of roast beef using such rare beef will start on July 5th at EC (electronic commerce). The collaboration is with Sharp’s water oven “Healsio”. Download the cooking program optimized for “phantom ingredients” to Healsio and enjoy the finest cooking at home. Taking advantage of the function of Healsio, which the person in charge says, “I have reached the end,” I aim to realize an “experience that goes beyond restaurants” at home dining tables. “Actually, I didn’t have any trouble (in developing the cooking program), I just cut the meat. It’s amazing as a cook to make roast beef of this quality.” Open tasting party. Mr. Masaru Endo, the head chef of Kadozaki (Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture), who runs the aged meat “Kakunoshin” who was in charge of cooking roast beef, regretfully spit it out. Kakunoshin is one of the popular restaurants known to meat lovers. When a cook cooks roast beef, the surface is baked at a high temperature using a frying pan, and the inside is slowly heated at a low temperature using a commercial oven. Then, the fire goes through only the surface, and the contents look delicious in pink. Healsio realizes this high-temperature roasting and low-temperature cooking with the touch of a button. As a result of repeated trial production for Jersey cows, the roast beef program originally included in Healsio was able to achieve a professional-grade finish. That is why the head chef had a complicated face. This time, the roast beef, meatloaf, and hamburger will be sold as a set. One of the selling points of Healsio is that you can “evolve” the functions without having to buy a new one by downloading a cooking program optimized for each ingredient. It is said that it will develop a cooking program for meatloaf and hamburger steak using Jersey beef, and deliver a taste that exceeds that of restaurants at home. 16,200 yen including tax and shipping fee. Limited to 300 sets.