[Seoul Yonhap News]On the 9th, the Nuclear Safety Commission of South Korea allowed the operation of the new Hanul Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 completed in Uljin, eastern part of the country. The permit was granted eight months after the deliberation began. The nuclear power plant operating company “Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power” applied for an operating permit in December 2014. The Korea Nuclear Safety Technology Center conducted inspections and examinations until May 2008. The Nuclear Safety Commission has been deliberating since November of the same year. During this period, permission for Unit 1 was delayed due to safety issues of the “static catalytic hydrogen recombination device (PAR)” that prevents hydrogen explosion and lack of countermeasures against terrorism and disaster risks. The Nuclear Safety Commission has approved the operation of PAR on the condition that the Atomic Energy Research Institute conducts additional experiments and submits a final report by March 2010. The first unit, which adopted the pressurized water reactor “APR1400” originally developed in Korea, has an output of 1400 megawatts. It was completed in April 2008.