[See the photo]Hirona Yamazaki showing off her “beautiful legs” from a super mini dress

In this work, Kageyama (Watanabe), Iizuka (Kikuchi), and Malik (Ike) are clumsy and unpopular, and three “Kojirase Boys” are involved in a love consultation as an assistant to the love influencer “Burumi” Sachi (Anna Ishii). A story struggling to solve. There is a romantic comedy called “Itakyun” that is a little bit crazy and you can’t help but watch over the little cute boys. In the second episode, a man named Orakio visited Kageyama and his colleagues for consultation. Ishiwatari, who had lost his memory about a woman named Hinami (Yamazaki) who was a lover in a car accident, came to consult with him, “How can I love you again?” Hinami seemed to be seriously worried about Ishiwatari. When Ishiwatari’s consciousness regained, he cried, “I’m really glad …”. The figure is just a lonely lover, and it seems to be messy. Ishiwatari managed to regain the memory of Hinami and visited the counseling office with the desire to like her again. However, at the end of the game, the situation unfolded unexpectedly. When Ishiwatari, who remembered when he was dating Hinami, confessed, “I didn’t like it again,” Hinami began to tell the truth with a slight smile. “Truly, we’re already separated. Koichi already had a new girlfriend, but I couldn’t forgive it all the time, and when I realized I was pushing him down the road.” Then, crying, “I remembered, I didn’t like it again. I wish I had died at that time!” And attacked Ishiwatari with a knife. ■ A crazy lover who makes her Hollywood debut in the live-action version of “Monster Hunter” and sheds tears thinking of her lover. Hinami’s strong character, who showed two sides, overwhelmed the viewer and had an impact on the story of the twist. Hirona Yamazaki, who played Hinami in the guest appearance this time, won the special jury prize at the 7th Toho “Cinderella” audition held in 2011 and entered the entertainment world. In the same period, Moka Kamishiraishi of the Grand Prix, Mone Kamishiraishi of the Jury’s Special Award, and Minami Hamabe of the New Generation Award are also listed. From Toho Cinderella, popular actresses such as Yasuko Sawaguchi in the 1st, Masami Nagasawa in the 5th, Aki Asakura in the 6th, and Haruka Tomatsu have been born one after another. Yamazaki himself has been active as an actress since his debut. He made his Hollywood debut in the live-action version of “Monster Hunter” starring Milla Jovovich (released March 26, 2021 in Japan). Also, taking advantage of the good style, he also works as a model. It has been 10 years since I entered the entertainment world with Toho Cinderella. I would like to expect Yamazaki to play an active role as an actress.