[Image]Masayuki Nakano (Programming, B) (Photo by oyaming) (11 others)

THE SPELL BOUND announced the start of activities in December last year and released new songs every month from January to May this year. “THE SECOND CHAPTER”, which was held in a one-man format, was their first live performance. In addition to Nakano and Kobayashi, THE SPELL BOUND will perform with Yoko Fukuda, who was also a support drummer at BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, and Kazuya Oi, a drummer from yahyel and DATS. Taking advantage of the double drum organization from “Everything” that decorated the beginning, the roaring sound that caused the ground noise exploded. On the other hand, in “Beginning”, the melodious synth tone played by Nakano and Kobayashi’s relaxed singing voice overlapped exquisitely, and the venue was wrapped in a warm mood. Unreleased new songs and cover songs were prepared from the middle stage, and in the new song with the tentative title “YUME”, the sound of Kobayashi’s guitar pushed to the front was developed. The cover of THE NOVEMBERS “TOKYO” emphasized the rhythm reminiscent of folk music and changed to a more fantastic number. In the following BOOM BOOM SATELLITES “BACK ON MY FEET” cover, the floor was filled with clapping people the moment the intro began to flow. Then Nakano picked up the trademark Steinberger bass and moved to the side of Kobayashi, where he played violently. At the end of THE SPELLBOUND, Kobayashi’s piercing vocals created a sense of speed, with “FLOWER” in between, and the tentative title “Good night” was played as the last number. With a gentle yet scaled sound, the finale of the first live was magnificently colored. After playing all the songs, Kobayashi said, “Nice to meet you. It’s THE SPELLBOUND.” “It’s just started, but I’d like to continue walking together.” He shook hands with Nakano and showed his intention to move to “Chapter 2”. The pattern of “THE SECOND CHAPTER” will be distributed for free on the official YouTube channel of THE SPELL BOUND from 21:00 on July 11th to 23:59 on 13th. ZAIKO will also be distributed to Premier members from July 15th. Furthermore, it was decided that a one-man live will be held at USEN STUDIO COAST in Tokyo on December 18th. The band’s LINE official account accepts advance reservations for tickets. ■ THE SPELLBOUND “THE SECOND CHAPTER” July 8, 2021 LIQUIDROOM set list 01. Everything 02. Call your name 03. Beginning 04. A DANCER ON THE PAINTED DESERT 05. YUME (tentative) 06. TOKYO ( Original: THE NOVEMBERS) 07. BACK ON MY FEET (Original: BOOM BOOM SATELLITES) 08. FLOWER 09. Good night (provisional) ■ THE SPELLBOUND One-man Live Saturday, December 18, 2021 USEN STUDIO COAST, Tokyo