[Image]Howell, a former U.S. Forces Japan soldier arrested

The incident happened in Miami, Florida, one of America’s leading resorts. Mariko Nakagawa, FNN New York Branch: This is a quiet residential area in Florida. Mr. Yoshinaga was shot dead in this house FNN New York Branch Mariko Nakagawa Reporter: A bouquet and Japanese sweets are being handed in front of the entrance On July 1, Okinawa in the bedroom of the house that became the site Sako Yoshinaga (24) from Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture, was found killed after being shot in the chest. Richard Howell, 30, was arrested by a rushing police officer. Former U.S. Forces Japan soldier. Although the relationship between the two is unknown, Mr. Yoshinaga told his relatives that he would “go abroad” and went to the United States in late May. He was planning to return to Japan by Obon in August.